Good bye Stranger

Hi Stranger, Today is the day I say goodbye. I usually leave with the intention of coming back, but this time it’s different. So much has happened in the past few months, but it seems like throughout my life so many significant moments have happened here. Tears of sadness and tears of happiness has fallen in … More Good bye Stranger

Fruit Cookies

I had a lot of leftover dried fruits from making mince pies and fruit cakes over christmas, so I decided to throw them together to make cookies. To my surprise the cookies tastes amazing! It is slightly crunchy but perfectly chewy and tangy. Ingredients: 10 Dates 5 Dried Figs 6 Dried Apricots 1-2 tbsp currants 1 … More Fruit Cookies

Spicy Tomato Rice

This is a simple recipe that is quick and easy to make. You can get all the nutrient you need quickly. It is a perfect meal to pack for lunch or cook for dinner. Serves 1 (If you want to serve more people just times the ingredients by the number of people) Ingredients: 1/4 White … More Spicy Tomato Rice

The perfect stretch

  Muscle pain and soreness happens to everyone who exercises. The worst part is when you try to exercise frequently and end up constantly living in soreness! Of course if we could all get massages everyday to relieve the tension in our muscles life would be perfect. However even though I find that foam rollers … More The perfect stretch

Dear Stranger

Sometimes there are things you wish you could tell someone but don’t know how. I find bottling up your feelings is self depriving because there is probably a lot you wish you could say. It could be something you wish you could say to family, best friend, love or all three. I find that it’s … More Dear Stranger